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Parker Lennon

Parker Lennon is an ACSM Certified Personal trainer and, B.S. in Exercise Science. Parker started his training career 10 years ago while pursuing his bachelor at Ball State University. Deeply rooted in extreme sports and endurance racing, his approach in the gym is often different than your stereotypical trainer. A lifetime hardgainer, he's an expert at packing muscle on lean frames naturally. He also specializes in sports specific endurance training.

Parker's philosophy is that there no one way to fitness; well rounded training, a mixture of cardio, plyometrics, resistance training and an open mind provide variety that delivers results. Parker is notable for his bold personality, and lack of filter. He's not afraid to say what's on his mind, or take on concepts that he doesn't agree with in the fitness industry.

Chuck Stach

Chuck Stach is the heart & soul behind Stachtraining. Since 2006 as a certified personal trainer Chuck has been helping people from strong men competitors, professional athletes, average Jane and Joe’s. As well as individuals with serious health impairments such as spinal bifida, stroke victims, and cancer patients. From 8 years old to 80 years old.

Genuine and passionate are two characteristics that are always used when describing Charles. Choosing personal training to solely benefit others. Inspiring, assisting, and educating clients to accomplish their fitness goals in a safe, efficient manor at an optimum rate. Known for going the extra mile (sometimes literally) for anyone whom ask for assistance.  Chuck takes pride in being honest to his clients, providing them with facts about their fitness goals. Using systematic progression to strategically concur even the most difficult habits and long term goals. This ensures that goals can be not only successful, but lasting a lifetime.

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