Crossfit, The Black Duck of fitness? With Aaron Weedo

Detox Teas, Waist Trainers, Fat Burners, And Other Bullshit
September 30, 2016
How Do I Build A Squat Booty?
September 30, 2016

Parker Lennon and Chuck Stach talk with Aaron Weedo Co-owner, of Crossfit Lakewood Ranch about Crossfit, the community, the misconceptions, paleo diet, and why he embraces being “the Black Duck of fitness”.

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“Growing up playing sports, families worked together,” Aaron said. “We carpooled to practices and helped each other out. I wanted that feel in a gym. I wanted to create a community where people would come together as a family. A place where no one is judged. That’s what I see here and I like that. Our community is everything.”

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